Eco monomer (car) parking lot kiosk

Scientific environmentally friendly, flexible and practical utilization of the urban environment a little space unused parking facilities – as “single ecological park Pavilion” developed. Its successful development can avoid the drawbacks of traditional parking facilities, especially bottlenecks venues, parking is difficult for cities to ease traffic congestion and provide a new approach feasible.

“Monomer ecological park pavilion” has the compact and flexible, innovative and practical, nice, simple structure, low cost and so on, and there are green, shading, security, residential solar powered landscape lighting, outdoor advertising and other functions.


  • Simple structure, convenient operation
    , “single ecological park pavilion” fully automated, flexible operation, vehicle access time 40-50 seconds. Can take 2-3 minutes, thousands of vehicles, will not affect traffic.
  • Solve the parking lane, directly alleviate traffic congestion
    in major cities of China’s traffic congestion problems are common, and become progressively more severe, the local government has become the most intractable problems; lane and parking problems are leading to the urban traffic congestion is a major factor, “single ecological park Pavilion” is the only effective solution available abroad lane and parking facilities.

Eco Monomer Car Shelter


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  • Save land, increase parking
    building traditional parking needs of the city in a lot of land resources, and high cost. The “single ecological park pavilion” With the three-dimensional urban environment unused space, with “local conditions, split up, they must attack” features, according to area calculations, about 0.2 square meters, while the traditional way lane and parking about 24 square meters, “single ecological park Pavilion” covering only the traditional way lane near 1/100.
  • Energy conservation, saving car ring
    “single ecological park pavilion” In addition to saving the land, but can it cover more of the installation of solar panels, to supply residential street and landscape, really achieve energy saving effect. Part of the “single ecological park pavilion” probably on the side and top of the kinds of green vegetation, to keep the car to increase the green effect. It also can recover some damage and decrease due to parking and green area.