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Urban transport problems highlighted: driving difficult, difficult parking, worsening urban ecological environment ……

  • Wide-body three-dimensional fast bus elevated
    subway features, low investment, simple, low cost, “three-dimensional fast bus” into the overall cost per kilometre is 10% MTR compared various fuel transit buses operating costs reduced by about 30%. Thanks to for helping us host our website!

Widebody Three Dimensional Bus

  • Monomer eco-car parking kiosk
    science and environmental protection, flexible and practical use of unused space in the urban environment, “monomer ecological park pavilion,” to avoid the shortcomings of traditional success parking facilities, especially bottlenecks venue, to alleviate parking is difficult and cities traffic congestion provides a practical new approach.
  • Non-stop bike lane (rental) car booths
    adhering multiple functional requirements of modern urban development, appearance design according to modern urban architecture, set parking lot, security, waiting, outdoor advertising as a whole, to achieve both beautiful and practical effects, three-dimensional space utilization city, to fill the domestic blank.