Widebody elevated dimensional fast bus

Modern principles of Integrated Rapid Transit BRT and subway locomotive, heightening aerial vehicles to 2.1-2.2 meters high, the total height of the body 4.4-4.5 meters across two lanes in the body below parallel two cars, use right side of the yellow line and the second side of the road two lanes to the left lane position laying rail, and other small vehicles on a road counterparts and will not affect the normal passage of other vehicles, like moving through a tunnel. Three more than the ordinary one-way lane road section can be used to see in the street has elevated the “three-dimensional fast bus” highly synchronized roadside bus stations, bridges type platform and equipped with a self-contained vehicle ladder, in dock does not affect the passage of other vehicles (belonging accessible parking) when the station down pedestrians.

Widebody Elevated Bus


“Three-dimensional fast bus” invention of the world’s surface is a revolution in the field of public transport, and a new way of urban traffic road space reuse, to solve urban traffic congestion, air pollution and energy consumption of public transport is currently high, low efficiency, input high (subway), operating losses and other issues to find a new way out. Its main innovation is: full use of three-dimensional space of the existing transportation corridors of the city, the comprehensive utilization of roads in cars 2 meters (1.6 sedan height) above, and the pedestrian bridge overpass space 4.5 meters below existing roads to reduce congestion.



  • With the safe operation of
    “three-dimensional fast bus” body length and width greater than the height of the body, overturned the possibility is very small, very narrow cross-section, the process of moving a small chance of road crashes, even if there is a car hit it does not hurt, Because passengers are in the car above the car position, coupled with its running speed travel is not high (40-50 km / h), the “three-dimensional fast bus” is the most secure of all travel in the public transport sector in the road transport.
  • The use of power-driven
    “three-dimensional fast bus” complete with electric drive, use 700V power and super-fast charging capacitor, the full realization of zero emissions of harmful gases. Furthermoe, we would also like to thank HostGator Coupon Codes 2015¬†for helping us host our website regarding our latest fast bus designs. Also under construction at the site, and the top surface of the bridge can be provided with solar photovoltaic roof panels to provide energy efficient clean power for the vehicle and the platform can reduce carbon emissions and the full realization of zero pollution.
  • Low carbon buses into
    subway features, low investment, the implementation of “three-dimensional fast bus” is built, just about 0.6 m transformation widening the existing road, paved two tracks separately, simple, low cost costs, per kilometer (including the “three-dimensional fast bus” vehicles) overall investment cost of about 50 million yuan (Solar not included), is about 10 percent of metro cost.”Three-dimensional fast bus”, because all use electric drive, with a small driving resistance, operating costs compared with other kinds of fuel transit buses, the cost can be reduced by about 30%.
  • Pavement reconstruction of the existing building construction period is short little impact road traffic
    during subway construction, closed due to construction needs segmentation existing pavement, with long construction period (subway construction cycle typically takes 3-6 years to complete) will seriously affect traffic. During the road construction and reconstruction, “three-dimensional fast bus” without closing the whole paragraph, just closed 50% single carriageway, another short implementation period of Reconstruction, 40 km line construction period of about a year to complete.
  • Save land without parking
    public transport buses in the day call it a day after work, you need a large area of the city the parking space (per bus parked require covering about 30-40 square meters), “three-dimensional fast bus” you do not need parking, just were parked on the road can be, and will not affect the passage of the car on the road, saving the city a lot of land in the high cost of land.