Non lane and bicycle parking kiosks

The successful development of the non-lane bicycle parking kiosks uphold the modern urban development needs, in strict accordance with the modern appearance of urban architecture design a variety of functions, set the parking lot, security, waiting, outdoor advertising, such as one to achieve both beautiful and practical results , is a kind of three-dimensional space utilization city, very humane municipal public facilities, to fill the domestic high-end bicycle storage facility of a blank field.

Bicycle Parking Kiosk

Using IC card or fingerprint recognition mode access vehicle functions, equipped with anti-theft alarm, in the course of using the parking lot, through computer control, it will automatically launch, automatic closure, according to the situation with an administrator group of about 20 bus shelters to .

The device is 3.9 meters high, 1.5 meters wide, 14 meters long, 0.25 meters wide area, covering about 0.14 US store each vehicle, each can store 26 bikes (the traditional way of ground parking area width of about 3 meters per park covers an area of ​​approximately 1.5)


  • Eliminate the visual appearance and environmental pollution
    due to the use of the automatic air enclosed bicycle storage electric bicycles, making new and not the whole of bicycles, electric bicycles are stored in enclosed cabinets aerial advertising, eliminate the environmental impact on the surrounding cityscape. Thanks to for helping us host our website!
  • Greatly ease the traffic pressure on the road
    because the use of the air kept the car mode, under which pedestrians can pass unimpeded, it will greatly reduce the ground occupied by sidewalk bike phenomenon, but also the way to pedestrians, pedestrians also the way to motor vehicles, motor vehicles to reduce road congestion.
  • Efficient security and anti-theft alarm bicycle storage devices
    in use, the bicycle, electric bike storage rack bike electric bikes will automatically rise to the sky, will be automatically closed automatically locked; because it is high in the air and keep the car, the thief will not be able Remove stolen. Another use of radio frequency electronic anti-theft device will automatically pick up the car illegally alarm, facilities will encounter devastating car theft alarm, burglar thus fundamentally.
  • Jeeves does not save the land
    use “non-stop bike lane Pavilion” storage of vehicles, only 0.14 per bike, can save about 1.3 per land area, a large urban public land conservation area resources.
  • Energy saving, easy to use
    “non-stop bike lane and kiosks,” according to energy needs, design a single vehicle access ways, access to a tariff only 1-2 minutes, ten seconds to complete access to the car, use very simple and convenient.
  • Shelters can cater to
    public travel distance of more than 6-8 km, in order to take public transportation, subway, light rail, etc, but the public transport routes in each city can not pass into every corner and every residential area, it is Another big part of the people need to ride a bike on public transport interchanges. Due to the bus station around the store less bike facilities, people have nowhere to store the bike, causing Luantingluanfang affect the use of the bus station kiosks, but also affect the surrounding environment, resulting in the loss of a large number of vehicles and other issues.
    “Non Jeeves bicycle parking kiosk” designed to keep the car, waiting, advertising support and other functions as one of the stored vehicle equipment, keep on top of cars, pedestrians below, waiting, is a three-dimensional space utilization of urban public facilities.
  • Can be used as outdoor advertising carriers
    ‘non Jeeves bicycle parking Pavilion “height of only 4 meters, suitable for outdoor advertising, will not cause visual pollution to the surrounding environment, and can be used to invest in advertising revenue and cost recovery of the facility, the daily maintenance costs, etc., some of the surplus can be used for the construction of other municipal areas, has multiple purposes.